this feeds into the latest public questioning of Newton’s leadership on the team.

Avril didn’t travel to Haiti by himself all the time. He partnered with other NFL players like Michael Bennett, Marshawn Lynch, Gosder Cherilus, Stephen Tulloch, and Leger Douzable during his many trips to the country.

Not only did Avril fund the construction of 12 news homes, he paid for the construction of three new buildings at a school. The school now has eight new classrooms. Avril also provided an orphanage with clean water during all of last year and plans to do the same this year.

Some of it was stubbornness, but I wanted people to know what I’m willing to do for this franchise, he said, according to the site. At the end of the day, no one could say I quit.

Sure, this feeds into the latest public questioning of Newton’s leadership on the team. But it feeds at least as much into the idea that the Panthers let their star player diagnose himself, and that they were willing to live with it, as long as they heard the diagnosis they wanted.
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It sounded like yet another example of how players are the last people to ever consult about staying in games when they shouldn’t.

Elite Youth Jimmy Graham Jersey Never mind the examples from a few years back, the Robert Griffins. This very offseason has been a parade of revelations that players — right on up to Tom Brady himself — lie to coaches, trainers and medical staff about concussions all the time. They historically do the same with every other injury, so that they don’t leave the field unless they’re literally carried off.

In 1996, got a call from [Amsterdam head coach] Al Luginbill, asked if I’d come over and play for him. I told him I’d love to play over there, but the only way I’d give up what I had in arena — I was making a good living, and things were stable — was if I could get hooked up with an NFL team. He called me back a couple weeks later, and he said he had no takers.

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