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Key and Peele paid Von Miller’s thrusting fine after he imitated Hingle McCringleberry

Keegan-Michael Key went on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday to discuss how he and Jordan Peele came up with the iconic series of “East-West” football sketches that have gathered their own cult following.

We also learned that the comedy duo paid Von Miller’s twerking fine after he tried to imitate Hingle McCringleberry:

The 2013 “Excessive Celebration” sketch has become a favorite of NFL players, many of whom have imitated it following touchdowns. The sketch, which pokes fun at the league’s rules on celebrating, centered on rookie Hingle McCringleberry infamously doing “three pumps” after scoring, which resulted in a flag:

It’s not the first time the Colts have had to navigate a field issue. Last year, the team’s preseason opener was canceled when the decision was made to shut down the Hall of Fame game due to unsafe field conditions.

And that’s what me and Khalil are, we’re best friends and we love one another. So, the only reason we did that is to unify people, and to unify the people that look up to us, because obviously, we see what’s going on in the world, and obviously, everyone pays attention to the national anthem nowadays.

Who’s from a different part of America from me, but to be able to have that kind of solidarity and be able to have somebody who’s behind me and know that somebody that I really trust and to be able to see him put everything on the line to be able to support one of his teammates. I thought that was a very special moment and emotional moment,” Bennett said.