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He showed some of his potential at times

These photos clearly show Clark pursuing Ifedi from across the crowd before throwing all his weight into the punch, with both men tumbling to the ground as a result. Ifedi appears to have never seen Clark or the punch coming, and lays on the ground for some time as Clark is pulled away from the pile.

According to Carroll, Clark’s 4-day absence from practice was part of the discipline the team applied for his sucker punch of Ifedi. Clark also apologized to Ifedi and his teammates, with Carroll making these comments on the Brock and Salk show:

Frank is most remorseful about it, and he expressed that to his teammates and guaranteed them he would never go there again Carroll told Brock and Salk Friday morning before speaking with the media at-large after practice. So some really good moments and I think we’re better for it.

In Goff’s seven starts during the 2016 season, the Rams were 0-7. He finished the year with five touchdowns and seven interceptions, but the team knew that the development of Goff would take some time.
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His transition from an Air Raid offense in college meant that the Rams hoped Goff would be able to sit his entire rookie season behind Case Keenum. When Keenum floundered in the starting role, the pressure eventually built on the Rams to the point that the team had little choice but to give Goff a chance.
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He showed some of his potential at times, but those highlights were few and far between.