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What did the Suns do with their newfound cap space?

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We needed a third point guard and we thought Mason III was the best one left on the board. We love his leadership and his tenacity. We’ll probably put him on a two-way contract so he can split time between the Sonics and our G-League affiliate, the Wenatchee Wildmen.
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With unlimited upside potential, Layman can slash, shoot the three, play D, get to the line, and make all the ladies in Seattle swoon! He’s also a Terp and there was no way I was going to let this expansion draft pass without showing my extreme bias.

But the Suns had grand designs in free agency and desperately wanted to free up cap space. They needed Charlotte to select White in the draft. So they agreed to send $3 million and a future first-round pick if Charlotte promised to select White. The Bobcats, needing bodies and salary filler, took the deal.

What did the Suns do with their newfound cap space? They signed a 30-year-old Steve Nash. Nash won the next two NBA MVP awards, the Suns went to the next two Western Conference Finals, and the team changed basketball forever.

The Charlotte Bobcats gave us so little in their decade of infamy, but they gave us the Seven Seconds Or Less Phoenix Suns. Thank you, Bobcats.

During the NBA draft, players will now be able to stash international projects overseas for the first time. Also, you will finally be able to trade players who were just drafted on draft night. That’s huge and was a glaring problem in previous editions.

Adding to the improvement in the financial aspects of the game, players will be able to renounce cap holds, so get Larry Coon’s CBAFAQ added to your bookmarks right now. You’ll have to study up to maximize your cap space and Woj won’t be here to help you.