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It gets bonus points for the multiple projectiles going hither and thither.

This is a producer or something-or-rather for the Howard Stern Show, and it’s a personal favorite for one reason: This man’s job is to be made fun of by someone who devastates humans for a living for an audience of millions. And you can see that on his face. He’s not mad that he embarrassed himself in front of Citi Field. Oh, no, no. He had bigger problems.

The Official Go-Go’s YouTube page has a two-minute video of the Go-Go’s throwing out the first pitch, and it doesn’t include the actual first pitch. Do not let the Go-Go’s gaslight you. It was a tremendous first pitch.

It gets bonus points for the multiple projectiles going hither and thither. It was chaos, and I love watching all of the different reactions.

This is also a good time to announce that when I was a kid, I thought they were singing “Alex the Seal” instead of “Our Lips Are Sealed.” Feels good to get that off my chest.

Maybe if Altuve weren’t this good, the Astros wouldn’t have been comfortable with acquiring only Francisco Liriano at the trade deadline. Seems like he might have indirectly hurt the team’s ability to chase a World Series championship because he was so productive. Makes you think.

OK, it really doesn’t make you think, and it’s a supremely dumb argument, but so is the argument that Trout wasn’t the MVP in 2012 because Ervin Santana had an off year. That he wasn’t the MVP in 2015 because Jered Weaver lost his fastball. You say that the goal of every team in baseball is to win the Andrew Cashner Jerseys
World Series, and I counter that the goal of every team in baseball Yogi Berra Jerseys
is to win baseball games. And no player has helped his team do that more than Trout in every season since 2012.

Except this year, when Altuve is probably a little more valuable because he’s played more.

Altuve is probably the MVP, even though we have more than a month to go in the season, and my brain is absolutely OK with that. Dude’s good. The voters will probably get it right, and this is the only hot MVP take that I’ll get to have.