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How Kam Chancellor Became Soul Seattle Seahawks

It is still two hours before a game in which Kam Chancellor is too hurt to play, but already the Seahawks safety has sweated through his T-shirt and begun to lose his voice. “Get after it. Come on now. Let’s go!” he says, shouting motivation at his teammates during the quiet of a pregame stretching drill. His rasps echo in the empty stadium, too loud to ignore, and after a while coach Pete Carroll walks over to join him.
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Carroll selected Chancellor in his first draft as Seahawks coach in 2010, and in the seven seasons since, Carroll and others have come to refer to Chancellor as the team’s soul. Russell Wilson might be the Seahawks’ public face. Richard Sherman might be their most bombastic voice.

Womens Brian Cushing Jersey He tosses the ball aside and jogs, now as slow as everyone else, to the corner of the field, where he and the other offensive linemen will commence another day of sled-shoving drudgery.

Like, all of it — even the stupid stuff. You think coaches don’t love that? You think teammates don’t get an extra boost just watching it? How many thousands of times do you think he’s hit a sled? How many times has he gotten down in a three-point stance and fired his body into another human being? And somehow he still goes about it like a high school kid trying to impress a girl.

Thanks to career highs in routes run, targets and receptions, plus the second-most receiving yards of his career — we must go back to the fourth game of his career for a better receiving performance — Hill still returned value for his investors.

Per the matchup metrics, the Eagles have yielded the eighth-most yards per carry and ninth-most receptions per game to opposing backfields. Still reasonably priced and due to consume a heavy workload now that he’s consolidated early-down, goal-line and receiving work in the wake of Giovani Bernard’s season-ending injury, Hill claims a coveted spectrum of high-floor and high-ceiling outcomes.

Packers GM Ted Thompson plays coy about Randall Cobb’s free agency

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson took to the podium at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and spoke on a litany of topics, including the pending free agency of receiver Randall Cobb.

Thompson was matter-of-fact when asked about his Christine Michael Sr Authentic Womens Jersey interest in retaining Cobb, saying “We’d like to re-sign all of our players, so sure.” Thompson then spoke about cap space, adding that “It doesn’t mean we’re going to roll over money every year. We’re going run our business the way we think it should be run”

The project would be financed with private funding and will move forward jointly with the economic coalition “Carson2gether.” On Friday, a news conference will bear the official announcement near the site.

The 168-acre area sits on a former landfill that has been the subject of recent cleanup efforts. The NFL has has been well aware of the valuable space, attempting to purchase it on at least three separate occasions, per The Times.

Both teams are dealing with significant barriers to get a stadium constructed on site at their current homes. In San Diego, mayor Kevin Faulconer has assembled a task force with the aim of putting together a viable proposal that all stakeholders can be happy with. The challenge there is that over nearly 14 years, seven mayors and nine proposals, the city hasn’t been able to put together a plan that satisfied all parties.

The Broncos’ new head coach is known for an offensive system that emphasizes a run-heavy Cliff Avril Authentic Womens Jersey approach behind a zone blocking offensive line, with a healthy dose of bootlegs and play action passes down the field. It’s a different type of offense than what Manning’s run throughout his career. But Kubiak wasn’t worried about that.

Zach Randolph out indefinitely after mother’s death

The Memphis Grizzlies have placed Zach Randolph on an indefinite leave of absence following the death of his mother, Mae Randolph, on Thursday, coach David Fizdale said.

“He can take as much time as he needs to take, to take care of his family and take care of himself and come back to us when he’s ready,” Fizdale told reporters on Friday. “We’ve got to take care of our Isa Abdul-Quddus Authentic Womens Jersey brother. Obviously losing his mom on Thanksgiving, I think, was devastating for him and all of us. I think anyone can connect to that, relate to something like that and how hard it could be.”

The Grizzlies (10-5) hosted the Miami Heat on Friday night and will travel to Miami for another game between the two teams Saturday. Memphis then hosts the Charlotte Hornets on Monday night.

“Zach and his mother had an inseparable bond. Mae was so fiercely proud of her son, his accomplishments and his truly special place in the hearts of Memphians and the Grizzlies family,” general manager Chris Wallace said in a statement.

The Lakers didn’t have enough firepower with D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle (hip) and Nick Young (toe) unavailable. That’s 40 percent of their scoring production in street clothes — and the Warriors took advantage.

“It looked like a Thanksgiving food hangover,” Lakers coach Luke Walton said. “You know Isaiah Pead Authentic Womens Jersey Golden State is obviously a premiere team in this league and I didn’t even think they were great tonight.”

However, the win was an afterthought for Golden State considering what occurred in the third quarter.

Green suffered a left ankle contusion late in the third and would not finish the game. The incident occurred when Green inadvertently kicked teammate Ian Clark in the throat while Clark was on the ground. It had appeared as if Green turned his ankle before collapsing to the hardwood.

Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Robby Ray is 7-13 with a 4.46 ERA

Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Robby Ray is 7-13 with a 4.46 ERA and somehow on a history-making strikeout pace as the season winds down.

Through Ray — perhaps the most extreme WAR-splitter last season — we have a lens into each of the three frameworks for measuring player value. Through the different frameworks, we have a lens into Ray, a pitcher you either can ignore entirely or absolutely must know about this minute, depending on the URL.

The first major decision a WAR model needs to Mike Tolbert Authentic Jersey make is whether it’s going to measure the pitcher’s skill or the pitcher’s results. Baseball Reference’s WAR, or bWAR, focuses on the results. It starts with an estimate of how many runs an average pitcher would have allowed under similar circumstances to Ray’s — the typical offensive output of his opponents, adjusted for the ballparks he pitched in, the role he was used in and the defense that backs him — and compares that figure to the number of runs Ray allowed.

We know that the man with one watch doesn’t actually know what time it is; that’s the sarcasm. He is certain of what time it is, but his one watch is as fallible as two watches would be. We can intuit that, in a world of flawed watches, an average of many watches would usually be closer to the true time than a single watch. Thus, having two watches — or two or three models of WAR — is actually a defense against certainty in an uncertain world. To see the brokenness of our watches requires constant reminding, and a second watch serves as that reminder.

The three-WAR model, then, should be — and probably is — a strength of modern analytics. We know a lot of inconclusive facts about Robbie Ray, but the most important fact is that baseball buries many truths under near-infinite layers of ambiguity. Ray is a player whose performance can be perfectly described but never truly understood. With one WAR, we’d forget that. But a man with three WARs can never get too sure.

There’s also a way the three WARs can Paul Soliai Authentic Jersey circle back and lead us astray. It’s not in the cases of Ray but in the cases of the overwhelming majority of players, whose WARs are pretty much in alignment. It’s in the cases where, as with the polling in the recent election, a series of shared assumptions led to a polling error that was consistent across nearly all models. As the author of the Segal’s Law Wikipedia page writes, “One might even think that it is better (to have two watches) since if the two watches are in approximate agreement one might assume that both are working and an average of them will yield the correct time to within some accuracy depending on the specification of the timepieces.”

The Chicago Bears quarterback is believed to have a torn labrum and is expected to miss the remainder of the season

The Chicago Bears quarterback is believed to have a torn labrum and is expected to miss the remainder of the season, NFL Network reported on Tuesday. Cutler was seeking a second opinion on the injury he sustained in the Bears’ 22-16 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday.

With Brian Hoyer on injured reserve with broken left arm, Matt Barkley would be the likely replacement for the Bears. Barkley played in one game this season — a Week 7 loss to the Green Bay Packers — and completed six of 15 passes for 81 yards and two interceptions.

A win on Thursday would not only put Washington in line to Nick Martin Authentic Womens Jersey defend its division crown, it would also demonstrate a certain resilience after being dealt a tough hand from the NFL in following a Sunday night game with a road game on a short week.

Then again, a loss on Thanksgiving virtually eliminates the prospect that Washington – which ended last season with a one-and-done playoff cameo — can repeat as division champs.

“Time will tell,” Cousins said. “The script doesn’t need to be written right now. We’ve got six games left. People remember how you finish. We need to finish strong.”

But first they must find out whether they will make it a real race to the finish line.

Norman, who landed in Washington with a $75 million free agent deal, had his share of rivalries Nick Novak Authentic Womens Jersey in the NFC South with the Carolina Panthers. But he’s sensed that time seemingly adds depth to these NFC East rivalries against the Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

“These guys have had rivalries for ages,” Norman said. “Since I was born … My grandfather … back in the day … geez, the history of that is so old. You want to live in the moment because children’s children are going to someday talk about the game.”

Clearly it’s a new moment. So much has changed since Week 2, when the Cowboys won 27-23 after converting a Kirk Cousins end zone interception into an 80-yard TD drive in the fourth quarter that held up as the game-winner.

The Clippers used to be a team whose starters could beat anyone in the league

The Clippers are a league-best +183 in scoring margin through 11 games. (Better than the Warriors at this point last season? Yep.) The Clippers’ excellent starting lineup is +144 in 244 minutes, accounting for almost 80 percent of L.A.’s gross scoring margin in about 40 percent of L.A.’s court time.

That all-bench lineup is +33 Enes Kanter Authentic Womens Jersey in 92 minutes, accounting for 18 percent of L.A.’s gross scoring margin in 18 percent of its minutes. When Doc subs Rivers or Crawford in for Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and leaves the other starters in place, those lineups are +35 in 38 minutes. This team’s success is still all about those top four players.

The Clippers used to be a team whose starters could beat anyone in the league and whose bench could give up any lead imaginable. The starters are playing better than ever, and the bench has improved from catastrophic to decent. That’s enough. The Clippers are going to be a problem for the Western Conference.

Meanwhile, he’s only made a total of three three-pointers so far this season, so that’s barely a factor. He’s taking shots at the rim, but at a rate well below the one you’d expect from the guy with way more points than anyone else.

DeRozan is taking the NBA back to 1985. It’s both a joy to watch and, so far, a successful formula for the 7-2 Toronto Raptors.

DeRozan isn’t just shooting really well from the mid-range. He’s outperforming entire teams.
DeRozan is averaging 4.9 shots in the 10-to-14-foot range this season, making 2.9 of them. His attempts and makes are both leading the league by a huge margin. Russell Westbrook is the next-closest in both categories, and he’s at 1.7 makes on 4.2 attempts.

Take a broader look at those numbers, and they are even more ridiculous. The Houston Rockets Gordon Hayward Authentic Womens Jersey are averaging 3.1 attempts from 10 to 14 feet as a team this season. The Brooklyn Nets are averaging 3.2 attempts. DeRozan is taking more jumpers from 10 to 14 feet than five entire NBA teams and making more than nine other franchises.

Maybe Sports Illustrated really is to blame for this all. Maybe it’s just a hot streak that coincided with the start of the year. Maybe the Kobe Bryant mid-range mantle had to be assumed by someone and DeRozan was the only one who it fit.

The Saints put starting cornerback P.J. Williams on injured reserve in September three days

Cornerback Daryl Worley might have missed a game with one had Carolina not had a bye the week after he suffered his in Week 6 in New Orleans.

Concussions are scary because so much Matt Prater Authentic Womens Jersey is unknown about them. The Saints put starting cornerback P.J. Williams on injured reserve in September three days after he was carted off with a concussion.

Former Carolina middle linebacker Dan Morgan missed the final 15 games of the 2006 season with what was believed to be at least his fifth concussion.

“Luke is a fighter,” Coleman said. “That’s why we fight for each other.”

Luke wanted me to let you guys know that he’s doing fine and thanks for your prayers!!

This isn’t to suggest the Panthers can’t win without Kuechly. They beat Houston, New Orleans and Tampa Bay without him a year ago, with Klein taking over in the middle.

But with a young secondary, as much as it has improved during the past month, Carolina still needs Kuechly’s experience and ability to make plays that others simply can’t.

“That’s our leader, one of the key components of our team,” fullback Mike Tolbert said.

The blank stare Kuechly had as he left the field wasn’t much different than the look on the faces of many of his teammates in the locker room afterward. The next-man-up mantra was repeated throughout, but there is no next man on the Matthew Stafford Authentic Womens Jersey roster as good as Kuechly.

Not even close.

That’s why the winning locker room didn’t look much different than the losing locker room in terms of the mood.

“You just hope he’s OK more than anything,” Olsen said. “When he comes back is out the window.”

Once you’ve had one concussion, according to medical experts, there is a higher risk that you will have another.

Better safe than sorry: Al Horford has been cautious with injuries

Part of the eagerness to have Horford back is that Boston has yet to see what it looks like with all its horses. At no point since the team convened for the start of training camp in late September has Boston had all of its players available.

Kelly Olynyk spent the summer rehabbing from shoulder surgery and missed the first seven games of the season. Marcus Smart sprained his ankle in the preseason finale and missed three games. Both players have elevated to starting roles recently due to injuries. Not only has Horford not played since Oct. 29, but fellow starter Jae Crowder has missed seven straight games because of an ankle injury.

Horford engaged in what Celtics coach Brad Stevens termed a “great” workout on Wednesday. Horford then went through another spirited session Authentic LaDainian Tomlinson Jersey with assistant coach Jay Larranaga before Boston’s win over the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night.

You sort of have to bunch all those memories together to deal with the emotional trauma they evoke. Put it all in a run-on, stream-of-consciousness sentence and swallow it whole. Down it like a snake trying to eat a huge rat.

“The Houston series,” Griffin said. “That’s Authentic Lawrence Thomas Jersey something that we still think about.”

Of all the Clippers’ playoff losses, that’s still the worst because it was entirely in their hands. There wasn’t a freak injury or twist of cruel fate. They just melted down.

“It happens,” Griffin said. “You saw it happen to Oklahoma City, you saw it happen to the Warriors in the Finals, the Indians if you want to go baseball. That’s part of it. As a team when you go through something like that, it can do one of two things: It can make you grow apart and resent each other, start pointing the finger. Or it can make you closer together. I think that’s what that’s done.

“Even last year, going through that season and that ending, I think it’s brought us closer together.”

Closer together, maybe. But still galaxies away from vindication. As good as they’ve played this season, they still have many of the same weaknesses as before. They could use an upgrade at small forward to match up with the Kevin Durants and Kawhi Leonards of the world. Teams will still foul Jordan late in games to try to force Rivers to use a smaller lineup. And someone other than Paul needs to be able to make a clutch shot.

But that’s how thresholds always work. They are guarded until you finally overcome them.

Jerry Jones jokes about paying Tony Romo record money as a backup QB

Jerry Jones has paid handsomely for some of his backup quarterbacks over the years.

Just in the past 10 years, Brad Johnson, Jon Kitna and Kyle Orton were among the highest-paid backups in the NFL. Now Tony Romo enters that group after the owner and general manager said a completely healthy Romo will backing up Dak Prescott.

If you’ve ever read this column before, first off, thanks. Second, then you know I have a soft spot for non-power Gang of 5 schools. Still, we’re not including Troy, Boise State and San Diego State on this list. But of those three, I’d rank them in that order. Troy’s only defeat was like Louisville’s, a six-point loss at Clemson that came down to an Julio Jones Authentic Womens Jersey onside kick. Meanwhile, Boise lost to a resurgent but still shaky Wyoming team on the road, and San Diego State inexplicably fell at South Alabama, the same team that lost to Troy two weeks later.

Speaking of San Diego State, it’s time to get on with Flipping the Field and we start, as always, with my Aztecs man crush.

Donnel Pumphrey Watch. The San Diego State Aztecs set a school record for single-game rushing with 474 against Nevada’s next-to-worst-in-FBS run defense. During the 46-16 win, Pumphrey rushed for 198 yards, becoming only the fifth player to crack Justin Hardy Authentic Womens Jersey the 6,000-yard mark. He reached 6,051, moving past DeAngelo Williams into fourth on the FBS career rushing list. He’s now only 31 yards behind Tony Dorsett for third and would have passed him if not for the erasing of a second half 40-yard run because of a holding penalty. With four games remaining, he needs 347 yards to pass Ron Dayne atop the legendary list.

From the Ridonculous Stats Department: According to my numerical brothers and sisters in ESPN Stats & Info: Against Mississippi State, freshman QB Jalen Hurts tied the Alabama record for TDs responsible for with five and became the first player in Crimson Tide history to rush for 100 yards while throwing for 300. Clemson’s Deshaun Watson set the single-game ACC passing record with 580, in a loss. In fact, the 10 passers who topped 350 yards Saturday were 4-6. UNLV defeated Wyoming 69-66 in three overtimes, coming one point shy of the FBS OT record for combined points scored.

“We’re going streaking!” Alabama has won 64 straight against unranked teams. USC has won six in a row, marking its longest win streak since the Pete Carroll era ended in 2009. Washington State has won eight straight in a single season for the first time since 1930. Notre Dame won its 15th straight over Army. Oklahoma’s 14th consecutive conference win is the longest Big 12 streak since Texas won 20 straight in 2004-06. Speaking of Texas, running back D’Onta Foreman posted his 11th straight 100-plus yard rushing game, tying Earl Campbell’s school record.

U.S. form, not Columbus mystique, is key vs. Mexico in World Cup qualifier

When push comes to shove, it won’t be history or the chilly temperatures that will determine whether the U.S. is able to defeat Mexico at home for the fifth consecutive World Cup qualifying cycle when these neighbors meet Friday night in Ohio’s capital.

Self picked up on all of this quickly Pete Rose Youth Jersey enough. Sometimes, all he has to do is praise a teammate for playing hard and intentionally omit Jackson, and then watch as Jackson mutters at himself under his breath.

As far as Jackson can tell, that innate drive was honed early in childhood, when his mother, Apples Jones, a former player at UTEP, took her son out back for games of one-on-one — and never, ever let him win.

(Ahem: The similarities to Duke guard Frank Jackson’s one-on-one matches against his father are uncanny, and the only conclusion worth drawing is that parents of prodigal hoopsters should start ruthlessly dominating their children at a tender age. It seems to work.)

The mental image of a little kid crying and storming off because his mom beat him at basketball — again — is a vivid one, but that can’t be how it went down.

“That’s pretty much exactly how it went down,” Jackson said with a laugh.

Starting at 8 years old, Jackson played his mom, and she wouldn’t give an inch, “would not take it easy on me at all.” It took all of five years, until Jackson was 13 and had grown a few inches and gotten a bit stronger, for him to get his first win.

“Of course, I started prancing around and dancing and all of that stuff,” he said. “She didn’t seem mad, though. She had a smile on her face. She was happy.”

Lesson learned: Basketball is more fun when it’s competitive, when both people know they are getting the other’s best.

“And we, after that, we never played again,” Jackson Richie Ashburn Youth Jersey said.